How To Use The Great Reshuffling To Revamp Your Brand

You may be spending more time than ever on recruiting and hiring, but you should also use this time to rethink your brand strategy.

Scarce. Stressed. Scrambling. If these words describe the current state of your company, the ‘Great Reshuffling’ is likely to blame. According to the World Economic Forum, 41% of employees globally and 54% of Gen Z workers are considering leaving their jobs. Companies are making swift changes to prioritize employee demands, like reorganizing their offices to be hybrid-friendly, offering flexible remote work indefinitely, improving employee benefits, and investing in technologies that will improve collaboration and connectivity among teams. These efforts, on top of all the hiring you’re suddenly tasked with, can make your company feel like a real circus. As you juggle all the challenges that come with such a tumultuous time, there’s one ball you don’t want to let drop: your brand. 

Losing sight of your brand’s identity, mission, values, and core offerings is a sure-fire way to set your new hires up for failure, confuse your customers, alienate your audience, and sink your ship. Conversely, a solid brand strategy will ensure you have a compelling and distinct offering in the market, excite consumers, improve employee performance, and drastically increase ROI. So, how do you revamp your brand and build an excellent strategy amid so much change and chaos… especially when it’s hard enough to accomplish during normal times? 

Whether you just lost your best marketers, hired a brand new CMO, or are just bogged down and not sure where to start, my team and I can help. Here’s where we’ll start:

1. Clearly define what your brand stands for. To determine your brand’s point-of-view and its highest-leverage choices, we’ll do a business assessment that includes:

  • Analyzing current results
  • Category trends
  • Competitive activity
  • Consumer behavior

2. Paint a clear roadmap for internal teams and external partners by defining…

  • Customer– who is your target audience
  • Communication– what message resonates with the audience
  • Connect– how to efficiently and effectively reach your audience

3. Offer training to both new and existing employees. Topics include:

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing framework
  • Business communications

4. Get ongoing support to make sure your strategies are being implemented effectively and delivering the results you’re looking for. Examples include:

  • Action plan status checks to ensure plans are executed with excellence
  • Advice on new communications to ensure fit with female understanding and business objectives
  • In-market results analysis to identify additional opportunities to grow with women

This is a challenging time for executives and employees alike, but it can also be a time for positive change and unprecedented growth. 

With Female Forward’s help, we can make sure your company comes out on the other side of the Great Reshuffling (or Great Resignation or Great Disruption) with a clearer point-of-view, defined messaging, fresh and impactful strategies for reaching target audiences, and a happy, cohesive, and effective team. 

Learn more about how we can help you by reaching out today!

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